MANET Sensor Hub

The Obsidian Technologies Clovis™ is designed to leverage existing ISTAR and UGS ground systems into a MANET network, Clovis™ is capable of providing dual-video streams triggered by sensors and works with all analogue cameras.

With either on-board recording or over-the-air retrieval or live over the air transmission. Clovis™'s integrated GPS enables time-stamped video with audio and on-screen KLV metadata to be transmitted or recorded. All analogue (PAL/NTSC) cameras can be integrated to Clovis™, including thermal, low-light and colour. Clovis™ is delivered with integrated anti-tamper/lift sensors. Options for Clovis™ include:

  • Serial PTZ capability and illumination on/off
  • On-encoder image stabilization and enhancement
  • H-264
  • SD and HD
  • Link multiple sensors to Wave Relay networks
  • Control PTZ cameras over Wave Relay
  • Small and lightweight with no tactical user interaction required
  • Length 10cm
  • Width 8.6cm
  • Depth 2.3cm
  • Weight 150g